The Open Air Museum of Locomotives Zdunska Wola Karsznice

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In the early 90s of the Twentieth century with the head of the Rolling Stock Department in Zdunska Wola Karsznice Marian Fijołek and other employees I had the pleasure to co-create The Open-Air Museum of Locomotives. Now, after 20 years of its existence, as president of the Railway Enthusiasts Association in Zduńska Wola Karsznice, I gladly notice growing interest in our exhibits. I hope that together with local authorities and railway enthusiasts we will introduce open-air museum to high level and part of city’s history will be preserved and proudly presented to future generations. Feel free to explore!

Czesław Boczek


The history of The Open-Air Museum dates back to late 1980s, when a group of Zduńska Wola Karsznice Rolling Stock Department employees came with the idea of creating a small railway museum. They particularly focused on locomotives essential to functioning of the coal trunk line Silesia-Ports, which constituted Karsznice on the railway map of Poland. The railway line (485 km) built between 1928-1933 connected Tarnowskie Góry with Gdynia and was one of the most important investments of interwar Poland. The history of The Open-Air Museum of Locomotives in Karsznice is inextricably linked to the name of the long-term head of the local Rolling Stock Department – Marian Fijołek – one of the main originators of the railway museum. Efforts to get formal permission to establish the facility began in 1989. Once received, preparatory work began. Among other things, the building of the former oil mill (A.D. 1931) was renovated. That it is now The Chamber of History. The first locomotive in open air museum collection was Ty23-273 brought in 1990 from Żurawica. Then there were more. All acquired exhibits were in need of refurbishment and require groundwork to be presented. The official opening of The Open-Air Museum of Locomotives took place on November 11th 1993, Zduńska Wola Karsznice Rolling Stock Department 60th anniversary (formerly the Roundhouse Karsznice, then Locomotive Depot Zduńska Wola Karsznice). After years on display, expose to weather conditions and negligence by the former owner, all exhibits needs to be re-repair. Following the acquisition of The Open-Air Museum by the City Zduńska Wola from the Polish State Railways (in exchange for debt relief) work on restoring grandeur to this important place of the city history has begun. In 2011 some of the exhibits were renovated, including the steam locomotive Px48-1723 which is the Museum and City showcase. The Open-Air Museum and The Chamber of History organizers and founders intention was to save from destruction and preserve for future generations locomotives and equipment – once a symbol of modernity and development, preserve the memory of the history of Polish railways and Karsznice’s railways heritage. Nowadays, many of the founders and originators of The Open-Air Museum formed Railway Enthusiasts Association in Zduńska Wola Karsznice. And whereas the original purpose, together with the city authorities and the railway passionate endeavor to preserve the exhibits in the best condition and their decent exposure.

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  1. Rainer Zelle says:

    My father was during the war chief of the railway station. He was a railway man until the bone! I was born in the railway station karsznice. i am very interested in all i can find about and around this place. The unpleasant past history made it difficult for my parents to speak about. In fact i know nearly nothing. When my mother with three kids left in early 1945 i was a three years old boy. Our family struggled to survive, there was not much spoken about the past.
    Please keep me informed. May be you also have historical information besides technical about locomotives? I am very interested, thanks , many regards and success with the museum, Rainer

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